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Boitekanelo College, Botswana

The Core of Healthcare Education
Boitekanelo College is the only privately owned institution in the health sector in Botswana, offering training of healthcare personnel. Read more
  • Boitekanelo College Marketing Manager
  • 4th Floor, Kopanyo House, 5131 Nelson Mandela Road,
  • Gaborone
  • Botswana
  • Tel: (00267) 3911-009
  • Fax: (00267) 3911-014
  • Web: www.boitekanelo.ac.bw
Boitekanelo College is a registered and accredited institute by Botswana Training Authority in accordance with Botswana Vocational Act of 1998, and is registered with the Tertiary Education Council. Boitekanelo College is the only privately owned institution in the health sector in Botswana, offering training of healthcare personnel. The college offers accredited short and long term programme‚Äôs grounded in research and designed to meet the ever changing healthcare delivery system demands.


We are also actively engaged in the provision of in-service training and consulting for the public sector by working closely with Ministry of Health and Local Government to ensure effectiveness and to promote high standards of patient care. The development of the healthcare training is part of wider strategic objectives of the Botswana government to address this crucial component of under-staffed human resource by a well-structured multi-disciplinary approach.

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