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Can Manufacturers , Botswana

Can Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd
Can manufacturers is Botswana based and the only company with the mandate of making food cans. Read more
  • Can Manufacturers Marketing Manager
  • Ponatshego Mokane Street,Pitikwe industrial area
  • Lobatse
  • Botswana
  • Tel: +267 530 0338
  • Fax: +267 530 0339
  • Web:

It was established in 2006 but started operating in 2007. Our factory is located in Lobatse, one of Botswana’s oldest towns, 70 kilometers south of the capital city Gaborone. Can manufacturers boasts as one of the latest can making technology plant in the world, with support of the best qualified and technical staff in the factory. Can manufacturers is a multi million pula investment financed and owned by Botswana development corporation.


We make cans which are used  for packaging food items such  as vegetables, fruits, pets food,  meat and fish. A can is produced  in various sizes and features.  The product is mainly used by  the canners of the different food  stuffs who in turn supply to the  wholesalers or distributors.

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