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Maniago Safaris, Kenya

The Travel Destination Management Company
Tour operator and travel agent extraordinaire — a superlative one-stop shop for services provision and the sector’s only licensed film agent. Read more
  • Maniago Safaris Marketing Manager
  • Nairobi
  • 43401 - 00
  • Kenya
  • Tel: +254 20 4449461
  • Fax:
  • Web: www.maniagosafaris.com
Maniago, The Travel Destination Management Company, is a well established Kenyan company owned and operated by experienced travel professionals who know and love this part of Africa.

Maniago has, for many years, planned and organised the travel arrangements - both inbound and outbound - of individual travellers and groups with a style and competence borne of many years of travel experience both on the African continent and overseas.

For all of us at Maniago, this is our home and we are fiercely proud of the natural beauty, wildlife resources and cultural diversity to be found here. From snow-capped mountains to the savannahs teeming with some of the world's largest concentrations of wildlife, to the pristine white coral Indian Ocean beaches, East Africa is a tropical paradise never ceasing to delight and intrigue.

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