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Apollo Bramwell, Mauritius

Committed to Healing, Devoted to Caring
Apollo Bramwell Hospital provides the full array of services expected of a Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospital of international standards. Read more
  • Apollo Bramwell Marketing Manager
  • Royal Road,
  • Moka
  • Mauritius
  • Tel: +(230) 605 1000
  • Fax: +(230) 605 1100
  • Web: www.apollobramwell.com

The story of the conception, planning, management and completion of Apollo Bramwell has become part of Mauritian folklore for all times to come. Not only was the project finished in record time, it was a feat of extreme engineering, international collaboration, teamwork, unflinching dedication, and above all a new chapter in global healthcare. In 2005, experts from around the world converged on to Mauritius to create one of the most sophisticated Super Speciality Tertiary Care Centre in the world with cutting-edge technologies, all-inclusive medical services, research facility and education in five-star fashion. 4 years later, Apollo Bramwell Hospital (ABH) came to life.

Located in the heart of Mauritius, just off the main highway connecting the north to the south and about 45 minutes from the SSR Airport, ABH stands out as a symbol of Mauritius’ growing affluence, its status in the region as an Information & Communications Technology hub, and its traditional hospitality. Local patients are now flocking to ABH thanks to insurance support provided by British American Insurance and other insurance carriers. International patients can choose to avoid large city hassle and receive quality healthcare on an island promising natural beauty amid peace and tranquillity. This also makes ABH extremely cost-competitive compared to international destinations.

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