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Omnicane, Mauritius

Integrating Energies
Omnicane is engaged in sugar cane production and processing, electricity production, food crop, flower and venison production. Read more
  • D’Unienville Jacques M.
  • Anglo Mauritius Building, Intendance Street
  • Port-Louis
  • Mauritius
  • Tel: (230) 212 3251
  • Fax:
  • Web: www.omnicane.com

Omnicane was launched in July 2009 through a strategic re-branding of Mon-Trésor-Mon-Désert Ltd, a long established sugar cane group in Mauritius which origins can be traced back to the 1850s. Its agricultural activities are centered in the South of Mauritius although Omnicane owns lands in the Central part also  

Omnicane owns some 3 200 hectares of land under cane of which 2 879 were harvested in 2008 producing 248 091 tonnes of cane. Various sugar cane varieties are grown and practically all the field operations are totally mechanized, save harvest, which stands at 40% of the area at date, and there are plans to reach 75% in time.

Omnicane owns three power plants, running on bagasse solely at Union St. Aubin of a capacity of 12.2 MW, one on bagasse-cum-coal at La Baraque of 2 x 45 MW which is the largest such installation in the world and a third unit running on coal of 35 MW at Union St. Aubin. 

Omnicane is engaged in agricultural diversification activities. It produced 2 000 of the 12 000 tonnes of potato output last year and is thus the largest potato producer. Omnicane is also involved in vegetable, palm heart, fresh water shrimp and venison production as well as flower production mainly Anthurium andreanum for the export market. Other activities include logistics through Omnicane Haulage Ltd for transport of cane, sugar, molasses, rocks, etc. It is involved in stone crushing for aggregates for the building industry through Sud Concassage Ltée. 

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