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MTN, Nigeria

MTN Nigeria (MTNN) has led the growth in the voice market since 2001 and is now pursuing new growth opportunities in the data and ICT space. Read more
  • MTN Marketing Manager
  • Golden Plaza Building, Falomo-Ikoyi,
  • Lagos
  • Nigeria
  • Tel: +234 80310180
  • Fax:
  • Web: www.mtnonline.com

MTNN was awarded a GSM license by the Nigerian Communications Commission on February 9 2001, and on May 16 2001, MTN became the first GSM network to make a call in Nigeria. Shortly afterwards, in August 2001, MTN began full commercial operations.


In 2001, MTN ventured into the Nigerian market with tentative steps. There was apprehension among investors about the turbulent political climate, the blights on the economic landscape, and the spate of social discontent that could plague the growth of a successful business. Still, the company chose to take a leap of faith - to invest billions of dollars in a sector with no forerunners in the country from whom to learn, to look beyond the peculiarities of the Nigerian operating environment, focusing instead on the unique potential of the people - on the creative power of the bold Nigerian spirit, which in spite of the negative representations of the country, remained positive and vibrant. 

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