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ASTRA, Saudi Arabia

Arab Supply and Trading Company
Arab Supply and Trading Company (ASTRA) is a Saudi group of companies with a history that goes back to the late sixties, when first founded by Mr. Sabih Taher Masri. Read more
  • ASTRA Marketing Manager
  • Riyadh
  • 11481
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Tel: 966 1 477 1488
  • Fax: 966 1 478 0679
  • Web: www.astra.com.sa
In the late 60’s the Arab Supply and Trading Company (ASTRA) was established by Sabih Taher Masri. The company saw its beginnings as a food supplier to the Saudi Army and rapidly grew into the conglomerate it is today, with operations spanning across a multitude of areas.These include the industrial sector,telecommunications, food and agriculture sector, real estate, as well as the contracting and healthcare fields. Today, it is conducting business, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, across the entire Middle East region.

ASTRA Transport Division was established in 1991, to provide transportation services to all ASTRA’s companies and outlets in the kingdom and neighboring countries. The division also operates commercial services for other companies. 

Corporate Philosophy
ASTRA Group is committed to provide high quality products and services, addressing their customers’ changing need and creating value in a way which enriches their life,exceeding their expectation, enabling us to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

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