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Offering the world's First On-board Video GPS Destination Finder.
Your bus or car can now be equipped with a GPS-driven full video electronic Tour Guide Infotainment System. The Deaf, blind and Paraplegic are catered for! Read more
  • Piet Human
  • P.O. BOX 3560
  • 2118
  • South Africa
  • Tel: +27114768603
  • Fax: +27866995989
  • Web: www.incar.co.za
INCAR TRAVEL GUIIDE -   A novel World First in South African Tourism Destination Guiding INCAR is for road travellers! It makes the TRIP ITSELF part of your holiday and provides an ENLIGHTENING NEW TOURISM EXPERIENCE. By the time you reach your destination, you will be your own expert with lots of stories to tell!

Think of your INCAR guide as a fun-filled and knowledgeable travel mate in your car or bus. Clever enough to know where you are (GPS-controlled), and to lead you to great Tourism Destinations using video, while you are there! 

Cape Town lead the world with audio based GPS travel information early in this millennium. We loved the idea and decided to incorporate large enough vision in order to enhance the information transfer and include the needs of people with disabilities as well. Seven years of development brought us to the stage where we can boast with international endorsement from Deaf and blind travellers who has travelled with it for a total of 5 weeks – the most challenging part of our venture. A large section of South African roads will be served by INCAR TRAVEL GUIDE from 2012. The rest of SA will follow soon after.    Based in Johannesburg, our combined experience in IT, AV-productions, Project Management, Training and Special Needs issues around Universal Access, makes INCAR TRAVEL GUIDE cc the perfect establishment to embark on a daunting development such as this. The discerning hospitality and tourism service provider can now reach a captive audience via this electronic guide, especially those providers situated off the highways, and just out of site...Bus and Tour Operators, can contact us now for a custom built service on their routes as from 2012. Car Hire companies and private travelers can be serviced as from 2012 as well.  

Not just a GPS Navigation System, but a Personal Destination Guide!

Visit www.incar.co.za

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