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Blastrite, South Africa

Surface preparation innovation
Blastrite is a family-owned and -managed manufacturer and distributor of granular abrasive commodities. Read more
  • Blastrite
  • 2 Long Street,
  • Cape Town
  • 8000
  • South Africa
  • Tel: +27 21 417 1700
  • Fax: +27 21 425 2341
  • Web: www.bastrite.co.za

Blastrite is the market leader in the South African abrasives market with regards to: 

a.    granular abrasives, 

b.    waterjet cutting, 

c.    ultra high pressure (UHP) waterjetting, 

d.    and blasting and painting equipment  markets.   

Our dominant position has been established and successfully defended over the past 27 years by becoming a technical partner to the industry, ownership of resources and strategic distribution agreements with global technology leaders.  The company’s roots are in abrasive media production. Blastrite owns four minerals processing facilities around South Africa and, importantly, one of our facilities produces industrial garnet, enabling Blastrite to control distribution throughout South Africa. From this base, Blastrite has established sales and distribution infrastructure across South Africa and indeed, internationally.   In recent years, Blastrite has expanded from its abrasive media base and, through distribution agreements with class leading producers, begun to establish itself as a turn-key supplier to the blasting and coating contracting market. These relationships include NLB (UHP waterjetting machines), Omax (waterjet cutting), Airblast (blasting equipment), Graco (coating & road marking equipment) and Monti Tools (Bristle Blasters).


NLB waterjetting is a highly productive, economical surface preparation method that produces a "white metal" finish - up to the WJ-1 (International Standard).   

The process leaves a surface contaminant-free and exposes the underlying blasting profile 100%. There is no risk of bent peaks, which traps corrosion causing contaminants (soluble salts), dust contamination or grit embedment.  

All these defects are commonly associated with the incorrect application of abrasive blasting.   

Waterjetting is a spark-free and virtually dust-free process which makes it an ideal surface preparation method in locations where dust generation can cause damage to nearby machinery or equipment.


The need for road markings of all types is becoming increasingly important in controlling the position of moving traffic into orderly lanes and in showing the road user where he can and cannot be on highways.   White lines are still the major part of road markings and make an important contribution to road safety, particularly during the hours of darkness, and in this context the ability of the line to reflect light from the vehicle back to the driver (known as retro-reflectivity) has become increasingly important and is now specified, together with the very important properties of line durability, luminance ("brightness") and skid resistance. Media Starbead® standard glass beads are a major factor in increasing road safety in an economical manner.  

Thanks to the beads' retro-reflective action at night, a vehicle's headlight beam is returned to the driver's eye.  

The microspheres not only multiply the visibility of the road markings at night, but also increase the markings' durability.  Starbead® glass beads are used as a drop-on agent and as premix beads for roadmarking materials. Equipment Blastrite supplies Graco RoadLazer® and LineLazer® roadmarking equipment.   

The LineLazer® was first designed as a walk

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