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Looking Good LCN, South Africa

LCN - Light Concept Nails
Light Concept Nails is as strong as acrylic, medically based and looks like a gel. Safe, Unique, Innovative Read more
  • Looking Good LCN Marketing Manager
  • Plot 15, Tyger Valley,, Lynnwood Road,
  • Pretoria
  • South Africa
  • Tel: +27 (12) 809 1575
  • Fax: +27 (86) 524 1382
  • Web: www.lcn.co.za


Since 1914 Wilde has worked in the field of development and production of high quality synthetic materials. In 1985 Wilde Cosmetics started specializing in the field of nail cosmetics, offering customers specialized product lines for the repair and correction of finger and toe nails.

In 1985 Wilde was the first company to introduce a light-cured synthetic resin system for fingernail cosmetics. This has started an International development still relevant today.

Wilde is not only known for their high-quality products but also provides perfect training concepts for beginners in the field of nail cosmetics.


Why LCN?

SAFE – Medically based; Non allergenic

UNIQUE – Flexible like gel, strong as acrylic

INNOVATIVE – Focused on preserving natural nail


The advantages of LCN composite for application:

1) No discoloration of the material

2) No unpleasant odors

3) No solvents

4) LCN Composites contain no aggressive additives

5) Less need for repairs – Fewer lifting

6) Non-porous

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