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Universal Media, United Arab Emirates

Curious minds for surprising results
Universal Media is a full-service media communications agency, and is part of MCN - the Middle East Communication Networks (the biggest marketing communications holding company in the MENA region). They work closely with their sibling companies in an Read more
  • Universal Media Marketing Manager
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  • Dubai
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  • United Arab Emirates
  • Tel: +971 4 321 0009
  • Fax: +971 4 321 1967
  • Web: www.universalmena.com

Universal Media Thinking:     


The media scenario has changed dramatically over the last few years. The way we communicate as brands, as people, has evolved. Besides consumption, consumers are now involved with creation, distribution and cross-pollination of media. Communication with consumers is now clearly a two way process.


The older model where ad agencies created and media agencies delivered is obsolete. Today media agencies come in right at the front of the marketing communications development process and have greater responsibility for shaping and delivering marketing communications programs that engage consumers and deliver sales-success.


Curiosity as Culture • At UM, Curiosity is not just a nice-to-have, it's a mandate. It seeks beyond the known, the has-been, the norm. Our strategic configurations are constantly changing, shifting, and to stay with this tide, we need to ask beyond the every day. Our most valuable assets at UM - our people - therefore are a naturally curious breed. They are thoughtful, knowledgeable, strategically sound and inquisitive.


The UM culture of curiosity is an ongoing challenge to drive the questioning, curious mind, to push the envelope, to ask. We begin by asking questions, by finding out everything we can. Who is the target audience? How and when, and where can we get in touch with them? What moves and motivates them? What gets their goat (or camel)? What are their emotions? Their favourites? What are they going to do next?


We actively recruit curious minds - from across the region and across the globe. Thinking strategically, thinking beyond the proverbial box is our key strength. And we support these curious minds by continuously investing in research that helps us find answers to the above questions.

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