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Simba International School, Zambia

“Laboremus Cum Honore Et Dignitate”
Simba International School is a brand synonymous with quality and holistic education, not just within Zambia but all across Southern Africa. Read more
  • Simba International School Marketing Manager
  • Plot 8223 Airport Road,
  • Ndola
  • Zambia
  • Tel: +260 21 2 613674
  • Fax:
  • Web: www.simba.sch.zm
We pay tribute to the founders and pioneers of this pilot project of the Ndola Hindu Samaj. Their vision was to provide education for youth in Ndola, to prevent a mass exodus of young families with small children. This dream translated itself into the creation of Ndola Education Trust operating as Simba School, initially housed within the premises of the Ndola Hindu Hall with the formidable Heather Gibbs at its helm.

The Simba brand, a vision and a dream born over thirty years ago, is now concrete quality, defined diligence with far-reaching ambition and vision. With a fully subscribed hostel receiving demands from all parts of the World, with alumni now etching the Simba brand in Ivy league Universities and workplaces all across the world and with its ever excellent academic output, the Simba name has etched itself on the walls of history and fame!

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